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Class 9 Physics [Chapter and Topic wise]

On this page, you will find links to Class 9 Physics study materials (chapter-wise). Students of different national and international boards including CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE will find this page useful for them.

Uniform Motion | Uniform Linear Motion

What is the difference between distance and displacement?

Average velocity – definition, formula, numerical problem

What is the difference between average speed and average velocity


Average Acceleration Formula 

Kinematics equations – quick reckoner of motion equations

Derivation of the Equations of Motion | deriving ‘suvat equations’

How to use graph paper to draw motion graphs?

Displacement-Time Graphs

Velocity Time graphs

The velocity-time graph & speed-time graph – comparison

Velocity from a Displacement-Time Graph – how to derive?

How to determine Acceleration on displacement-time graphs

displacement from a velocity-time graph

Non-uniform acceleration on a velocity-time graph

Numericals of Motion Class 9 – solved

Numericals on distance and displacement class 9

Speed and velocity numerical for class 9

Acceleration Numericals Class 9

[PDF] 25 Motion Numerical Problems for Class 9

Physics Numerical for class 9 motion & other chapters with answers & [PDF]

Average Velocity Calculator (using Initial and Final Velocity)

Average Velocity Calculator – using Displacement

Average Acceleration Calculator

Worksheet on distance-time graph & velocity-time graph – Q&A

Multiple Choice Questions on Motion physics (MCQs on motion)

Force in Physics

Laws of Motion class 9 – statement, & concepts

Newton’s Second Law and Equation of Force

Newton’s Third Law

Force Numericals

Force and Laws of Motion Class 9 Numericals

Worksheet on Force and Laws of Motion class 9

Force and Laws of Motion class 9 MCQ

Force and motion worksheet with numerical problems & solved


Universal Law of Gravitation & Derivation of Gravitational Force formula

Gravitation class 9 Numericals

Gravitation Class 9 Question and Answer

Gravitation Class 9 MCQ

Numerical Worksheet on Gravity & Gravitational force & Universal Law of gravitation

Force and Pressure Class 8 & 9 Worksheets

Pressure Numericals class 9

Thrust and Pressure Numericals for class 9 [solved]

What is Free Fall Class 9

Freefall in physics

Vertical motion with derivation of equations

Numerical problems on Vertical motion

What is weight in physics class 9

Difference between mass and weight

Floatation Class 9 Numericals

Equilibrium of a floating ship

Buoyant Force formula

Archimedes’ principle class 9

Density & Relative density

Specific gravity & Relative Density – are they the same?

Work and Energy

Work done by a force

Equations & Formulae from the Energy chapter

Various forms of energy

Potential Energy

Potential Energy Diagrams of different types

Derivation of Gravitational potential energy equations

Derivation of Kinetic Energy Equation in a minute | Derive Translational KE equation

Relation between kinetic energy and momentum

Law of Conservation of Energy and how to derive its equation

Transfers between kinetic & potential energy in a simple pendulum

Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem with the Derivation of mathematical expression

What is Power Class 9

Commercial unit of energy class 9

Calculating Electrical Energy consumption & kWh

Mechanical Energy Calculator

Different types of energy stores

Class 9 Physics Work and Energy Numericals

Numerical Problems worksheet on Energy transformation or conversion [Advanced]

Numericals on electrical energy (kWh consumption)

Conservation of Energy problems [numerical problems solved]

Numerical on Work Energy Power solved worksheet ICSE, CBSE


Sound characteristics | Features of sound

Derive the Equation of the speed of sound

Speed of sound in different media at 25 degree Celsius

Longitudinal Wave Graphical Representation

Reflection of Sound

Minimum Distance to Hear an Echo

Doppler effect or Doppler shift

Properties of sound wave

Sound class 9 Numerical with solutions

Numerical problems on Echo of sound

Sonar Numericals (sound physics)

Class 9 Physics Q/A

Physics questions and answers for class 9 CBSE ICSE

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