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Average Acceleration Calculator

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 09:47 am

Here, on this page, you can use a web-based Average Acceleration Calculator.

Average Acceleration Calculator

Let’s see how to use this Calculator.

– You have to provide values for any 3 parameters out of 4 parameters (initial velocity, final velocity, time duration, and average acceleration) and You can get the value of the 4th one.
Here are the steps.
Keep the unknown box empty, and provide inputs in the other 3 input boxes.
[ So, You may provide initial velocity, final velocity, and time duration inputs to get the average acceleration value.
or provide final velocity, time duration, and average acceleration inputs to get the value of initial velocity.
Similarly, you may get the value of time duration by providing the other 3 parameter values. The same goes for final velocity as well.]
After providing 3 inputs, press the button Calculate.
You will get the result populated in the box which was empty.

Formulas used:
aavg = (Vf – Vi)/t …… (1)
Vf = Vi + aavg t …… (2)
Vi = Vf – aavg t …………(3)
t = (Vf – Vi)/aavg ……… (4)
Here, aavg = average acceleration, Vf = final velocity, Vi = initial velocity, and t = time duration.

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