Biology Class notes & Tutorials

This page contains the links to our posts that cover Biology, Life science, Botany, etc. We have started this section after creating content on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, etc. Visit again for more new content covering Biology.

Homologous Chromosome – definition

Diploid individuals have paired chromosomes. For example, in humans, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes totaling 46 chromosomes. In a ...
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Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance

In this post, we will discuss Mendel's Laws of Inheritance. The laws are known as Law of Dominance, Law of ...
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X-linked Recessive Alleles and their sex-linked features

X-linked Recessive Allele is the recessive form of a gene residing on the X chromosome. In this post, we will ...
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Chromosomes during meiosis divisions – behavior and steps

In this post, we will discuss the behavior of homologous chromosomes during meiosis. Also, we will briefly discuss a few ...
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X-linked recessive disorders are more common in males – why?

X-linked recessive disorders are more common in males - why? A Male has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome ...
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Alleles and Genotypes for human blood groups – multiple allelism in ABO

Some genes have more than two alleles, and then the pattern of inheritance is called multiple allele inheritance or multiple ...
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Photosynthesis – class 11 revision notes

Photosynthesis is a series of reactions in which energy transferred as light is transformed into chemical energy. In this post, ...
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