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This blog is a brainchild of Anupam M, an electronics engineer from a premier NIT (National Institute of Technology) of India, who loves to teach fundamental physics and write on complex topics in simple language.

Anupam is an experienced Information Technology professional who is equally passionate about learning and sharing Physics fundamentals with interested students in his spare time.

This blog is designed to help to build the foundation for JEE, NEET, etc specifically in Physics. This may be equally efficient for the K12 Physics syllabus. 

This BLOG is to some extent like an online physics tutor providing online physics coaching and physics notes, through regular blog posts on various topics, helping students in mastering physics fundamentals.

This blog also posts useful study materials covering a few other related subjects, like Chemistry, Digital Electronics, Basic & analog electronics, control systems, microprocessor, etc.

About the author of PhysicsTeacher

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The motivation behind this Physics blog

The author strongly feels that the students need honest guidance from the seniors not only to tackle the exam pressure but also to succeed by truly learning the subject.

physicsteacher.in author

But this guidance is sometimes not available everywhere in its truest sense or sometimes not affordable for all.

Free online tutorials with quality content can really help to fill in this gap.

And the author has been trying to put forth his humble effort to provide quality content on school physics with this blog.

Suggestions and guidance from the masters of this subject are always welcome!

The author wishes the readers a happy reading and sharing experience!


Our BLOG PhysicsTeacher has been selected as one of the Top 50 Physics BLOG by the panelist of feedspot.com.

Here is the badge that is given to us!

Physicsteacher - in the top 50 physics blog list
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Way ahead

Anupam M and his team wish to go ahead with their mission of providing online study materials for students and interested readers. A blog in Hindi for Physics students and enthusiasts is launched by the physicsteacher team. You can find this physics site here: Physics Hindi me.

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