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Force and Pressure Class 8 Worksheets

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In this post, Force and Pressure Class 8 Worksheets, you will find a worksheet based on Force and Pressure for class 8 students.

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1) State Newton’s second law of motion.

2 ) The mass of a body is a __________ quantity whereas its weight is a _________ quantity.

3 ) Define momentum.

4 ) The rate of change of momentum of a body is proportional to ______________.

5) Define Newton.

6) When the mass of a body is kept constant, its acceleration is directly proportional to the ____ acting on it.

7) A constant force of 2 N acts on a body for 5 seconds to change its velocity.
The change in its momentum is _________.

8) N/m2 = ______________

9) Force per unit ________ = pressure

10) If the applied force is doubled, keeping the area on which it applies the same, then the pressure becomes ___________.

Short Answer Type Questions

1) What is the force exerted by a bullock in pulling a cart of mass 100 kg and accelerating at a rate of 1.5 m/s2?

2 ) An object of mass 10 kg is moving with an initial velocity of 10 m/s. A constant force acts for 4 s on the object giving it a speed of 2 m s–1 in the opposite direction. Find the acceleration and force.

3) A railway wagon of mass 1000 kg is pulled with a force of 10000 N. What is its acceleration?

4 ) If a force of 50 N is applied on a body and it is still at rest, then find the magnitude of static frictional force.

5 ) Find the magnitude of the force applied to a block of mass 5 kg at rest if it moves 36 m in the first 6
seconds. Neglect the force of friction.

6 ) A car changes its speed from 20 km h−1 to 50 km h−1 of mass 3600 kg in 5 s. Determine the net external force applied to the car.

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7 )Two forces having magnitudes 3F and 2F, when acting in the same direction simultaneously on a body, the net force is equal to 25 N. Find the value of F.

8)The area of the bottom of a box is 0.5 m2 and the weight is 150 N, Calculate the pressure exerted by the box on the table.

9) The area of the tip of a pin is 0.25 mm2 and its weight is 0.05 N. Calculate the pressure (in Pa) exerted by the pin on a wooden plank.

10) Determine the amount of force when the pressure on a 4 m2 area is 20 Pascal.

11) In a tug of war; when the two teams are pulling the rope, a stage comes when the rope does not move to either side at all. What can you say about the magnitudes and directions of the forces being applied to the rope by the two teams at this stage?

12) Why do mountaineers usually suffer from nose bleeding at high altitudes?

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the following blanks with suitable words :

(1) A charged body…………an uncharged body towards it.

(2) A drinking straw works on the existence of ……………….pressure.

(3) A force arises due to…………….between two objects.

(4) The pressure exerted by a liquid ……….with depth.

(5) Force has magnitude as well as ……………

(6) The north pole of a magnet…………the north pole of another magnet.

(7) If the two forces applied to an object are equal and act in opposite directions, the net force acting on the object will be …………….

(8) Atmospheric pressure………….with increasing height.

(9) Force acting on a unit area is called ………………

(10) Force could be a ………….or a ………..

(11) To draw water ‘from a well, we have to apply …………. at the rope.

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Long Answer Type Questions

1) Explain why the walls of a dam are thicker near the bottom than at the top.

2 ) Explain why atmospheric pressure decreases as we go higher up above the earth’s surface.

3 ) How does the pressure of a liquid depend on its depth? With the help of a labeled diagram show that the pressure of a liquid (say, water) depends on its depth.

4 ) Explain why school bags are provided with wide straps to carry them.

5 ) Explain, why magnetic force is said to be a non-contact force.

6 ) Explain why frictional force is said to be a contact force.

7) Name the type of forces involved in the following :
(a) A horse pulling a cart.
(b) A sticker attached to the steel almirah without glue.
(c) A coin falling to the ground on slipping from hand.
(d) A plastic comb rubbed in dry hair picking up tiny pieces of paper.
(e) A moving boat coming to rest when rowing is stopped.

Multiple Choice Questions

1) When we press the bulb of a dropper with its nozzle kept in water air in the dropper is seen to escape in the form of bubbles. Once we release the pressure on the bulb, water gets filled in the dropper. The rise of water in the dropper is due to:
A. pressure of water
B. gravity of the earth
C. shape of the rubber bulb
D. atmospheric pressure

2) Which of the following are contact forces?
A. Friction
B. Gravitational force
C. Magnetic force
D. Muscular force

i. A and B
ii. B and C
iii. A and D
iv. B and D

3 ) A rectangular wooden block has length, breadth, and height of 50 cm, 25 cm, and 10 cm, respectively. This wooden block is kept on the ground in three different ways, turn by turn. Which of the following is the correct statement about the pressure exerted by this block on the ground?
A. the maximum pressure is exerted when the length and breadth form the base
B. the maximum pressure is exerted when length and height form the base
C. the maximum pressure is exerted when breadth and height form the base
D. the minimum pressure is exerted when length and height form the base

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4) The same force Facts on four different objects having the areas given below, one by one. In which case the pressure exerted will be the maximum?
A. 20 m2
B. 50 m2
C. 10 m2
D. 100 m2

5) A pressure of 10 kPa acts on an area of 0.3 m2. The force acting on the area will be :
A. 3000 N
B. 30 N
C. 3 N
D. 300 N

6) Which of the following is not an effect of force?
A. a force can change the speed of a moving object
B. a force can change the direction of a moving object
C. a force can change the composition of a moving object
D. a force can change the shape and size of an object

7) Which of the following is not a non-contact force?
A. electrostatic force
B. gravitational force
C. frictional force
D. magnetic force


Hope this Force and Pressure Class 8 Worksheet will help you to evaluate your preparation and understanding of the topic. You may share this with other students and guardians.

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