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Multiple Choice Questions on Motion physics (MCQs on motion)

Last updated on May 22nd, 2021 at 02:53 pm

Motion in one dimension – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ):
In this post, we are presenting an awesome set of MCQs on Motion in one dimension. These multiple-choice questions will make you confident enough about this chapter, provided you try this MCQ paper to test your understanding. We found this set on the internet and thought to share it with our readers.

These MCQs on motion set have more than 60 questions on motion physics and you will find those in the embedded pdf with a total of 12 pages. You can scroll through the pages using the up and down arrow at the header of the embedded pdf.


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To attempt the MCQs you need to have an idea about displacement, distance, average velocity, average speed, acceleration, vector, scalar, and many other related terms.
You can go through the kinematics study materials posted here for a better understanding of the concepts or revision: Kinematics study materials

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