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[pdf notes] Vector – grade 10 Notes download | class 11 physics notes on Vector physics

This Vector Notes [PDF] is primarily for the grade 10 (10th grade) physics syllabus of different international boards. This also ...
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How to find Vector Product? | Formula, example, cross product, rules

The vector product of two vectors A and B, also called the cross product, is denoted by A X B, ...
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Numerical problem sets on Vector Physics

This post presents Numerical problems on Vector Physics. This worksheet will help students who are preparing for Class 11 Physics ...
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How to resolve vectors easily?

If we take a single vector we can find a pair of vectors at right angles to each other that ...
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Scalar product formula with an example

Scalar multiplication of two vectors yields a scalar product. Scalar multiplication is also known as the dot product. In the ...
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Common examples of scalar product and vector product with their basic difference

Here we will quickly find out the concepts behind the scalar product and the vector product with their fundamental difference ...
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Forces acting on a mass sliding down an inclined plane – using vector resolution

In this post, we will discuss the forces acting on a mass sliding down an inclined plane. To do this ...
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Relative Velocity – explanation with Vector concepts

Relative velocity: The velocity of an object measured by a moving observer is referred to as the relative velocity. The ...
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Vector Subtraction

As we have discussed Vector in physics and had a detailed study of Vector addition, now its turn to discuss ...
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What is Vector Physics?

Vector physics is one of the most fundamental chapters in high school physics where we learn about Vector and Scalar ...
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