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Class 11 Physics & Class 12 physics

Physics notes for class 11 and 12 – Here you will get direct links to important tutorials and problem set appropriate for class 11 and 12 students under higher secondary boards like CBSE, ISC and different state boards.

We have been continuously working to publish interesting articles/notes/tutorials for class 11 physics and class 12 physics students.

And this is a continuous process. We will upload physics numericals for ISC, CBSE and other exams and then their solution as well on a regular basis.

We have immediate plans to publish more numerical problems (level: medium, hard and harder level of difficulty) with solutions or hints for grade 11 physics and grade 12 physics.

These numerical problems not only help to prepare the board exams, these will help to face JEE level exams as well.

Just continue visiting and sharing the links.

As new notes and tutorial materials are being added regularly, we may need to modify/update these links as per requirement.

physics numericals and notes for class 11 and class 12 – cbse, isc, AP physics, GRE, SAT physics

physics for class 11 and class 12
Physics for class 11 and 12

class 11 physics & class 12 physics notes

Here you will get 2 types of articles or posts. The first one will enlist the links covering mostly numerical problems or Question Answer sets on physics for class 11 and 12.

And the second type of posts will cover conceptual understanding of fundamentals of physics with ample examples, derivation and graphics.

Selected Tutorial Sets

Pulley in Physics – concepts and solution

Vector in Physics (new)

Vector Subtraction

Impulse Momentum Theorem

Friction definition

Elevator physics with pseudo force

Physics problems with pseudo force and solutions

Pseudo force in Physics-did you know this?

A ball thrown vertically upwards – motion under gravity

Newton’s laws and Contact Forces between blocks

Velocity time graph

Viscosity – definition, derivation, coefficient of viscosity

Buoyancy – Meaning, Definition, Buoyant Force, formula and Archimedes

Torque in physics – equation, formula

Torque – Derivation of 3 formula sets

Torque Fundamentals with examples

Law of Gravitation – Universal law by Newton

Equilibrium of a rigid body-conditions and physics

Poisson’s ratio, Strain energy & Thermal Stress

Hooke’s Law – stress and strain – Modulus of Elasticity

Elasticity definition & what is more elastic-iron or rubber

Electric Charge, Triboelectric Charging – facts you must know

Projectile motion and Projectile motion equations-ready reference

physics numericals and notes for class 11 and class 12 - cbse, isc, AP physics, GRE, SAT physics

Weightlessness in a Satellite-feeling weightless

Angular Momentum

First Law of Thermodynamics – so easy to understand

Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics-thermal equilibrium

Escape velocity – Definition, Derivation of equation and Values

Generator Effect and Motor Effect – underlying Physics principle

Kepler’s Third Law equation derivation-Time period of Satellite revolution

Orbital Velocity of Satellite-derivation of 3 expressions

Acceleration due to gravity -how it changes with height and depth

Thermal Conductivity – Definition, Derivation, Dimension and Sample Values

Electromagnetics: Fleming’s Left hand Rule, Right Hand Rule, Maxwell’s Right hand grip rule

Critical Velocity & Circular motion in Vertical plane With Centripetal Force

Terminal Velocity, Free Fall, Drag force – concise notes for you

Centripetal Force Facts you must know if you are a PHYSICS student !

Elevator problems in Physics-5 Elevator Case Studies for you to solve

How Friction helps in walking?-explanation with free body diagram

3 Important Relationships between Circular Motion and Linear Motion Quantities

What will happen to a ball thrown vertically upwards?

Newton’s First Law of Motion doesn’t hold good for all frames of reference

How to calculate Mechanical Advantage of a Lever?

Mechanical Advantage formula

Problem Sets – class 11 physics, class 12 physics

NCERT – Laws of motion – problem & Solution

Vertical Motion – numericals with solution

79 Challenging Physics Problems and Questions-Physics Question Bank

Physics Numerical Problems and Question Sets

2 Challenging Sets of Physics problems and Questions to test your preparation

Physics problems – Solutions of selected numericals(set 1)

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