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What is a Bimetallic strip & what are its uses?

If equal lengths of two different metals, such as copper and iron, are riveted together so that they cannot move separately, they form a bimetallic strip (Figure 1). figure 1: ...
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Conduction, Convection, & Radiation – Energy transfer during heating & cooling

There are three different processes through which energy can be transferred during heating and cooling: conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is the transfer of heat through a substance as a ...
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Internal energy of a substance – Definition and Different forms

To describe the total energy of the molecules in a substance, we need to take into account both the kinetic energies and the potential energies. This is called the internal ...
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Temperature scales and absolute temperature – FAQ

The temperature scales that we use today were designed for simplicity and easy reproduction. The Celsius temperature scale is used throughout the world and is a good example of how ...
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Molecular theory of solids, liquids, and gases to explain their shape and volume

The molecular theory of solids, liquids, and gases explains the reason behind their shape and volume. Let's find out how in the next paragraph. figure 1 figure 2 ( showing ...
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The gas laws | Statement, Formula, graph of Charles’ law, Boyle’s Law & Pressure law

The gas laws tell us the relationship between pressure, temperature, and volume of gases. The gas laws can be stated in a convenient form for calculations when absolute temperatures are ...
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How to explain the anomalous expansion of water in simple words?

In the case of fluids, with the rise of temperature, the volume increases. Therefore, the density decreases. But, water expansion shows an anomalous behavior for a specific temperature zone. As ...
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Thermal conductivity definition, formula, and Thermal conductivities of some common materials

In this post, we will find out the definition of thermal conductivity and its formula. We will also see a table containing thermal conductivity values for selected materials. We will ...
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What are Heat Capacity and Specific Heat? | comparison | Specific Heat Data table | numerical problems solved

In this post, we will discuss Heat Capacity and Specific heat, their relationship, comparison, Specific heat data tables, and formula. We will also solve a few numerical problems based on ...
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First Law of Thermodynamics – so easy to understand?

Here in this post, we will cover the first law of thermodynamics. It basically talks about the effects of heat transfer in terms of internal energy and work done. As ...
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Thermal Conductivity Derivation| Dimension of thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity of a material (designated as k) is the measure of how quickly heat energy is transferred or conducted from one end of the material to the other end ...
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Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and thermal equilibrium

This post is on Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. To discuss this we will begin with a briefing on the definition of Thermodynamics and the concepts of Thermal Equilibrium in the ...
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