High School Physics

Vector Physics_21

Resultant Force

When several forces act simultaneously on the same body, then the combined effect of the multiple forces can be represented by a single force, which is termed as ‘resultant force’. It is equal to the vector sum (adding the magnitude of the forces with their direction) of all the forces. If the resultant force of […]

Coordinate Systems & different types of Coordinate Systems

To specify the location of a point in space, a coordinate system must be used. A coordinate system consists of a reference point called the origin O and a set of labeled axes. The positive direction of an axis is in the direction of increasing numbers, whereas the negative direction is the opposite. different types […]

How to calculate the resultant of two vectors easily?

In this post, we will discuss how to calculate the resultant of two vectors easily. The resultant of two vectors can be done in different methods like (1) Using the Triangle Law, (2) Using the Law of Parallelogram, and (3) using Rectangular Components & Pythagoras Theorem. Among these three methods, the third one is quite […]

Vector Product

The vector product of two vectors A and B, also called the cross product, is denoted by A X B, and the magnitude of the vector product is found using the formula AB sinφ. Here, A and B are magnitudes of vectors A and B respectively and φ is the angle between the two vectors. […]

How to resolve vectors easily?

If we take a single vector we can find a pair of vectors at right angles to each other that would combine to give the single original vector. This reverse process is called resolution or resolving vectors. The pair of vectors are called the resolved vectors. The resolved pair of vectors will both start at […]

Scalar product formula with an example

Scalar multiplication of two vectors yields a scalar product. Scalar multiplication is also known as the dot product. In the next section, we will see how the scalar product formula or equation is written. Scalar product formula | equation of dot product The scalar product of 2 vectors A and B is expressed by the […]

Relative Velocity – definition, examples & Vector concepts

In this post, we will first define the term Relative Velocity, and then understand its necessity and importance to study the motion of an object. We will go through a case study with examples and then go deeper with the help of the Vector concepts. Relative Velocity definition of Relative Velocity Relative velocity: The velocity […]

Vector Subtraction

As we have discussed Vector in physics and had a detailed study of Vector addition, now its turn to discuss another topic of vector physics which is Vector Subtraction. Vector Subtraction helps us to subtract one vector from another vector. Now how do it? To subtract one vector from another, for example, to get A […]

What is Vector Physics?

Vector physics is one of the most fundamental chapters in high school physics where we learn about Vector and Scalar quantities. To understand it we have to proceed step by step starting with physical quantity. The quantity which can be measured is called physical quantity. The physical quantities measured in physics can be divided into […]

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