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Rolling Motion (or plane motion) & its types

The motion of a rigid body undergoing rotation about an axis, with the axis of rotation having a translational motion, is called rolling motion or plane motion. Thus rolling motion is a combination of translational and rotational motion. Examples: A spinning ball thrown in the air, wheels of vehicles moving on the road, etc are […]

Pure Rotational Motion of rigid bodies

In this post, we will discuss the Pure Rotational Motion of rigid bodies, and also analyze an example with a supporting diagram. Then we will discuss Pure translational motion with a diagram. Once we do these, we will quickly compare Pure Rotational Motion and Pure translational motion. Pure Rotational Motion of rigid bodies – characteristics […]

Moments of Inertia – formulas & sample numerical

In this post, we will focus on the formulas of the moment of inertia and also will solve a few interesting sample numerical problems using the moment of inertia formulas. Moments of Inertia – concepts & definition The torque equation gives us: τ =mr2α . This is an important result because it relates to torque […]

Angular Momentum, moment of inertia & Rotational motion

In this post, we will discuss a couple of interesting questions related to Angular Momentum, Torque, moment of inertia & Rotational motion. How does angular momentum work in rotational motion? The angular momentum of a rotating object is equal to the product of its moment of inertia and its angular velocity. If there is no […]

How to solve leaning ladder equilibrium numerical?

In this post, we will solve a numerical problem based on the equilibrium of a leaning ladder. To do this you need to first understand the conditions of equilibrium. If you require some revision then you can quickly go through our physics tutorial on the equilibrium conditions first, before attempting this numerical. Anyways, let’s begin […]

Rotational Kinematics Numerical Problems and solutions

This post is all about Rotational Kinematics Numerical Problems and solutions. We will use the following four rotational kinematic equations (presented together with their translational counterparts) to solve the numerical problems. Rotational kinematic equations | equations used to solve rotational motion numerical In these equations, the subscript 0 denotes initial values (ω0 and vo are initial values). […]

Rotational kinetic energy derivation class 11

In this post on Rotational kinetic energy derivation class 11, we will derive the Rotational Kinetic Energy Equation in a few easy steps. This equation expresses the kinetic energy of a rotating object just because of its rotational motion. So, let’s begin the derivation.

Moment of Couple & its Formula

Moment of Couple – this term in physics is based on an understanding of 2 concepts, the first one is ‘moment’ and the second one is ‘couple’. The moment in physics denotes the turning effect. A couple in physics is discussed in our post on Couple – you can read it here. Moment of Couple […]

Couple in physics – class 10 notes

A couple in physics class 10 notes – this is our topic in this post. Now let’s first define a couple in Physics. Two equal, opposite, parallel forces, not acting along the same line, form a couple. A couple is always needed to produce rotation. Two forces F and −F, having the same magnitude, parallel […]

Torque Physics with definition and Examples

Let’s start with Torque physics and the Definition of Torque is the first point of our discussion here. Torque is the Moment of Force (Rotational domain equivalent of Force). It is the determining factor of how effectively a force can twist or turn something. It is expressed as the cross product of force and the […]

Angular Momentum

When an object moves with an angular speed ω along the circumference of a circular path of radius r, then we say that it has angular momentum. Angular momentum is the rotational equivalent of linear momentum and is defined as the moment of Linear momentum. It depends on 2 quantities, one is rotational inertia or […]

Angular Motion & Linear Motion Quantities – derivation of 3 relations

In this post, we will focus on the definitions of circular motion and linear motion first which will show their basic differences as well. In addition to this, we’ll derive a couple of important relationships between the quantities of circular motion and linear motion. We will derive the following:a) Relationship between angular displacement and linear displacementb) […]

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