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MCQ worksheets on Carbon Chemistry

12 MCQ Worksheets on Chemistry of Carbon – [MCQ] | Multiple Choice Questions from the [Carbon] chapter – Chemistry

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Fill in the Blanks – worksheet from Biochemical Reactions chapter (set 12)

Fill in the Blank: Fill in the blank with the appropriate term.

  1. The products of photosynthesis are the reactants of __.
  2. Most of the energy used by living things comes either directly or indirectly from the __.
  3. Photosynthesis changes light energy to __ energy.
  4. Cellular respiration releases energy and produces carbon dioxide and __.
  5. Most biochemical catalysts belong to the __ class of biochemical compounds.
  6. The enzyme amylase is involved in the __ of food.
  7. Pepsin catalyzes the breakdown of __.

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Answer – Fill in the Blank (answers) – set 12

Fill in the Blank – answers

  1. cellular respiration
  2. sun
  3. chemical
  4. water
  5. proteins
  6. digestion
  7. proteins
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