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MCQ worksheets on Light & Optics (Physics)

9 MCQ Worksheets on Light, Optics, Vision & Eye [MCQ] fully solved – Multiple Choice Questions, Fill In the blanks & Matching questions

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9 Worksheets on Visible Light, Optics, Vision (eye) – physics [MCQ] worksheets with answers + other types of exercises like fill in the blanks and matching.

We have distributed 9 exercises of Light, Optics, Vision & Eye chapters among 9 pages. Use the pagination at the bottom of these pages to navigate to other pages of this Worksheet series.

MCQ worksheets on Light & Optics (Physics)

Visible Light – MCQ Worksheet (with answer) – set 1

  1. The sun and other stars produce visible light by
    a. fluorescence.
    b. luminescence.
    c. incandescence.
    d. electroluminescence.
  2. Jellyfish and fireflies produce light as a result of
    a. high temperatures.
    b. chemical reactions.
    c. absorption of ultraviolet light.
    d. reflection of light from other sources.
  3. Which type of light bulb produces visible light by electroluminescence?
    a. incandescent light bulb
    b. vapor light bulb
    c. neon light bulb
    d. two of the above
  4. An example of opaque matter is a
    a. clear glass window.
    b. wooden door.
    c. mirror.
    d. two of the above
  5. Light with the longest wavelength appears
    a. red.
    b. blue.
    c. green.
    d. violet.
  6. A prism separates light into different colors by
    a. reflection.
    b. refraction.
    c. scattering.
    d. transmission.
  7. If only green light strikes a blue object, the object appears
    a. green.
    b. blue.
    c. black.
    d. white.

Answers to MCQ Worksheet 1

Answers – Multiple Choice Questions

  1. c
  2. b
  3. d
  4. d
  5. a
  6. b
  7. c

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