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Fill in the Blanks – Worksheet from Properties of Carbon chapter (set 9)

Fill in the Blank: Fill in the blank with the appropriate term.

  1. More than 90 percent of all known compounds contain the element __.
  2. Carbon is an element in the class of elements known as __.
  3. Because carbon is placed in group 14 of the periodic table, you know it has __ valence electrons.
  4. Carbon forms a total of four __ bonds.
  5. In a(n) __ covalent bond, two atoms share two pairs of electrons.
  6. Diamond, graphite, and fullerenes are forms of carbon that exist as __.
  7. A diagram of a molecule in which bonds are represented by dashes is called a(n) __.

Answer – Fill in the Blank (answers)

Fill in the Blank (answers)

  1. carbon
  2. nonmetals
  3. four
  4. covalent
  5. double
  6. crystals
  7. structural formula

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MCQ worksheets on Carbon Chemistry
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