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MCQ worksheets on Carbon Chemistry

12 MCQ Worksheets on Chemistry of Carbon – [MCQ] | Multiple Choice Questions from the [Carbon] chapter – Chemistry

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HYDROCARBONS – MCQ Worksheet (with answer) – set 2

  1. Which statement about hydrocarbons is true?
    a. They are the most complex type of carbon compounds.
    b. They are all gases at room temperature.
    c. They generally do not dissolve in water.
    d. none of the above
  2. The simplest hydrocarbons are
    a. unsaturated hydrocarbons.
    b. saturated hydrocarbons.
    c. aromatic hydrocarbons.
    d. alkenes and alkynes.
  3. The first part of the name of a hydrocarbon indicates the number of
    a. bonds between carbon atoms.
    b. branches in the molecule.
    c. hydrogen atoms.
    d. carbon atoms.
  4. Alkanes with more carbon atoms generally have
    a. higher boiling points.
    b. lower boiling points.
    c. higher melting points.
    d. two of the above
  5. Aromatic hydrocarbons generally have
    a. a strong scent.
    b. rings of four carbon atoms.
    c. alternating double and triple bonds.
    d. all of the above
  6. Hydrocarbon compounds that are burned for fuels include
    a. coal.
    b. propane.
    c. kerosene.
    d. all of the above
  7. Fossil fuels include
    a. wood.
    b. charcoal.
    c. petroleum.
    d. all of the above

Answers to MCQ Worksheet

Multiple Choice – answers

  1. c
  2. b
  3. d
  4. d
  5. a
  6. d
  7. c

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