High School Physics


Projectile Motion Formula class 11

This post on Projectile Motion Formula for class 11 presents a set of formulas that describe a projectile motion that is parabolic in nature and helps to find out important motion parameters as well. Let’s find out those formulas one by one, along with a brief idea for each formula.

Range of Projectile formula

The range (Horizontal Range) of a projectile is defined as the horizontal distance between the point it touches the ground and the point of projection. Now, let’s find the Range of the Projectile formula.

Projectile Motion Equations

Here, is a list of projectile motion equations. This list includes the equation of projectile motion path, and other important equations like time to reach maximum height, maximum height, horizontal range, max horizontal range, displacement, etc.

The effect of air resistance on projectile motion

In this post, we will find the effect of air resistance on projectile motion. We have seen that in the absence of air resistance, the trajectory or path followed by a projectile is a parabola and that the path depends only on the initial speed and angle of projection. But in the real world, all […]

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