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Projectile Motion Equations

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Here, in this post, you will get a list of projectile motion equations (class 11). This list includes the equation of projectile motion path, and other important equations like time to reach maximum height, maximum height, horizontal range, max horizontal range, displacement, etc. [ good for class 11 physics]

Projectile Motion Equations

derivation of the equation of the projectile motion path
diagram 1: initial velocity V0 and its components along the X and Y axes for a projectile motion are shown (Velocity components
when time t =0)

Referring to diagram 1, here are the equations for the projectile motion.

Motion Path equation:y = (tanθ) x –   (1/2) g . x2/(V0 cosθ)2
Time to reach max height:tmax= (V0sinθ )/g
Total time of flight for a projectileTtot = 2(V0sinθ )/g
Maximum height reached:Hmax = ( V0sinθ )2/(2 g)
Horizontal range of a projectile:R = (V0sin2θ )/ g
Maximum possible horizontal range:Rmax = V0/ g
At time T=t,
Displacement along X-axis:

x= V0x.t = (V0 cosθ). t
At time T=t,
Displacement along Y-axis:
y = (V0sinθ ).t  – (1/2) g t2
Projectile Motion Equations

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