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Range of Projectile formula

The range (Horizontal Range) of a projectile is defined as the horizontal distance between the point it touches the ground and the point of projection. Now, let’s find the Range of the Projectile formula.

Say, an object is thrown with uniform velocity V0 making an angle θ (theta) with the horizontal (X) axis.

The formula of the range of a projectile is R = (V0sin2θ )/ g

calculate Horizontal range of a projectile
horizontal component of the initial velocity is V0 cosθ

The Range formula of a projectile can be derived easily.

If R is the horizontal range covered by a projectile then that means R is the horizontal distance traversed by the projectile after passing the total time of flight Ttot.

Here we will use the horizontal component of the initial velocity only as the effective velocity to traverse this horizontal path.

R = (V0 cosθ).  Ttot  …………………….. (1)

We will use the equation of the total time of flight now.
Ttot = 2(V0sinθ )/g …………………..(2)
So, from (1) and (2), we get,
R = (V0 cosθ). 2(V0sinθ )/g = (V0sin2θ )/ g

So the formula of the horizontal range of a projectile is R = (V0sin2θ )/ g

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