Solution of Physics Numericals for class 9 (set 1 Q16)

Problem Statement A bullet of mass 50 g moving with an initial velocity of 100 m/s, strikes a wooden block and comes to rest after penetrating a distance 2 cm in it. Calculate: (i) Initial momentum of the bullet (ii)final momentum of the bullet (iii) retardation caused by the wooden block, and (iv) resistive force […]

Solution of Physics Numericals for class 9 (set 1 Q11)

Problem Statement A force acts for 10 s on a stationary body of mass 100 kg after which the force ceases to act. The body moves through a distance of 100 m in the next 5 s. Calculate (i) the velocity acquired by the body, (ii) the acceleration produced by the force, and (iii) the […]

Physics Numericals class 9 (CBSE/ICSE)–problem set2

Here we present another set of physics numerical for class 9. You can also get the solutions for this set of physics numerical for class 9. The Links to the solution are given beside the problems. You can try first try and then check the solutions. Or you can also directly refer to the solutions […]

Newton’s Second Law and equation of Force

Newton’s Second Law states that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the net force applied on it, and this change in momentum takes place in the direction of the applied force. Mathematically it can be stated this way: F∝ (mV-mU)/t. Here, F is the net force acting on the […]

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