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8086 microprocessor

Interrupt Vector Table in 8086

In this post, we have focused only to understand the importance and table structure format of interrupt vector table (IVT). It is a table in the memory that contains the interrupt vectors of different interrupts.

Flag Register of 8086

In this post, our topic of discussion is the Flag Register of 8086. We start with the fundamentals of flags and the flag register of a microprocessor. Then we present the flag register diagram of 8086 showing individual flag bits. The function of flag bits is discussed as well in this post. We also define […]

The Architecture of 8085 and 8086 – Questions & answers

In this post, we will answer a bunch of selected questions on the architecture of 8085 and 8086 microprocessors. After reading this article students will get an overall idea about the question pattern and the answer tips. This will also help the students with the self-study on 8085 and 8086 architecture. What is meant by […]

Memory organization in 8086 microprocessor

After studying this article the readers will be able to understand the physical memory organization, 20-bit address generation technique, the need for memory segmentation, etc. in 8086 microprocessor. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their detailed answers in this post are going to help the readers to prepare for the Semester exam, GATE exam, and the […]

Interrupt structure of 8086 | Interrupts in 8086

In this post, we will build our concepts on the Interrupt structure of 8086 and discuss various aspects of 8086 interrupts. We will see how many interrupts are there in 8086. And, we will also learn the names of 8086 interrupts. As we must know the types of interrupts in 8086 we have included that […]

Is assembly language the same thing as machine language?

While the two terms, assembly language and machine language, are often used interchangeably, assembly language is a more “user-friendly” interpretation of machine language. Machine language is the collection of patterns of bits recognized by a central processing unit (CPU) as instructions. Each particular CPU design has its own machine language. The machine language of the […]

MCQs on 8086 microprocessor – NPTEL assignment

This assignment (MCQs on 8086 microprocessor – NPTEL assignment) contains 15 MCQs spanned across 3 pages. Links to other pages of this assignment are available at the bottom of each page of this series. 8086 microprocessor based MCQs 1 ) Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct? a) If MN/MX’ is low, 8086 cannot be […]

8085 Executing the program and checking result

Executing the program and checking results in the 8085 Microprocessor – In this post, we have discussed how the 8085 microprocessor executes one program and how to check results in 8085. This will also help to understand how a microprocessor works. Executing the program and checking result in 8085 Microprocessor A microprocessor is a sequential […]

8086 Microprocessor Architecture – class notes with pdf download

Before we start our lessons in 8086 microprocessor architecture, let’s quickly talk about what is new in it. In case of 8085 microprocessor, the processor first fetches the instruction byte from memory. Then the instruction decoder decodes it. Finally, the microprocessor performs a particular task according to the instruction. So the sequence of operation is as […]

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