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What is balanced force class 9

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In this post, we will find out what balanced forces are. This will be as per the class 9 syllabus.

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What is a Balanced force? (definition)

Definition of Balanced Forces: If two or more forces are applied on a body and the resultant of applied forces is equal to zero, then these are called balanced forces.

Example of balanced forces

In the tug of war, if both teams apply a similar magnitude of forces in opposite directions, the rope does not move to either side. This happens because of balanced forces in which the resultant of applied forces becomes zero.

Effects of Balanced Force | Characteristics of balanced force

  • Balanced forces do not cause any change in the state of motion of an object.
  • If 2 forces are said to be balanced, then these forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
  • Balanced forces can change the shape and size of an object. For example – When forces are applied from both sides over a balloon, the size and shape of the balloon are changed.

Balanced forces and state of motion

A body under the action of balanced forces does not change its position of rest (or of uniform motion) and it appears as if no force is acting on it. Balanced forces cannot produce motion in a stationary body or stop a moving body.

if a number of balanced forces act on a stationary body, the body continues to remain in its stationary position.

Similarly, if a number of balanced forces act on a body in uniform motion, the body continues to be in its state of uniform motion.

Balanced Forces can change the shape of a body – example

An example of the balanced forces changing the shape of a body is in the squeezing of a rubber ball or balloon.

When we press a rubber ball or a balloon between our two hands, the shape of the rubber ball or balloon changes from spherical to oblong. In this case, we apply two equal and opposite forces (balanced forces) with our hands. Though the ball or balloon does not move, its shape changes.

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What is Unbalanced force?

If the resultant of applied forces are greater than zero then the forces are called unbalanced forces.

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