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5 MCQ Worksheets [MCQ] on Chemical Bonding | Multiple Choice Questions from Ionic, Covalent & Metallic bonds – Chemistry

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MCQ worksheet on Metallic bonds (with answer) – set 4

  1. Which statement about metallic bonds is true?
    a. They form between metals and nonmetals.
    b. They form between negative and positive ions.
    c. They form a lattice-like structure.
    d. two of the above
  2. Which statement is true about all metals?
    a. They have one valence electron.
    b. They have freely moving electrons.
    c. They have more electrons than protons.
    d. They always gain electrons.
  3. Because of metallic bonds, metals
    a. are good conductors of electricity.
    b. can change shape without breaking.
    c. are ductile and malleable.
    d. all of the above
  4. An alloy is a
    a. pure metal.
    b. compound of two or more metals.
    c. solid solution.
    d. mixture of nonmetals.
  5. Metal ions are surrounded by a “sea” of
    a. electrons.
    b. positive ions.
    c. negative ions.
    d. positive charges.
  6. The alloy that contains iron, carbon, nickel, and chromium is called
    a. stainless steel.
    b. bronze.
    c. brass.
    d. gold.

Answers to MCQ Worksheet

Multiple Choice (answers)

  1. c
  2. b
  3. d
  4. c
  5. a
  6. a

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