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2 Challenging Sets of Physics problems and Questions to test your preparation

Physics Problems and Question Sets (2 sets)

In today’s post we are publishing 2 sets of Physics Problems and Question papers for high school students and adult physics lovers. The numerical problems will test the understanding of the topics or chapters involved while the descriptive questions are going to test the theoretical background of the readers.

We invite the readers to solve the numerical problems and share with us through email. physics problems sets

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Physics Problems [2 sets – 4 pages each]

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* Please note that both the Q papers in this post have 4 pages each.

Physics Questions set 1  [4 pages]


Physics Questions set 2  [4 pages]


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Supporting Theory for the Problems

PhysicsTeacher BLOG will be providing the necessary supporting notes for the Problems and Questions above, in future posts, which are supposed to come soon. Also we are going to publish more Problem and Question sets in our coming posts. So stay tuned. 

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