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Magnetic Moment Numerical class 12 solved

In this post, we have solved physics numerical on the magnetic moment. This is good for class 12. The magnetic moment formula is used. refer: Magnetic moment formula

Question 1] A bar magnet is placed flat on a flat table, with an applied magnetic field moving upwards through the table, meaning the field is perpendicular to the bar magnet. The magnetic field strength is B = 1 T, if this causes the magnet to experience a torque of τ=4×10−3Nm what is the magnet’s magnetic moment?


If the magnetic field is perpendicular to the bar magnet, sin⁡(θ)=1 and meaning that the magnetic moment is given by m = Torque/Magnetic field strength = τ /B ……………… [1]

Here, τ=4×10−3Nm
and, B = 1 T

m = τ /B = 4×10−3 / 1 = 4×10−3 Am2

Magnetic moment formula – check this post, if you want to check the magnetic moment formula.

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