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Numerical problem based on parachutist & Terminal Velocity

Question: The force of air resistance F acting on a parachute is given by the equation F = 83 + 14.6v2where v is the velocity in m/s and F is measured in newtons (N). A parachutist of total weight 680 N is descending, Calculate the terminal velocity of the parachutist. Solution: At terminal velocity, air […]

Centripetal Force Calculator

Here, on this page, you can use a web-based Centripetal Force Calculator based on the centripetal force formula. Centripetal Force Calculator Mass (kg): Velocity (m/s): Radius (m): Centripetal Force (N): Calculate Reset How to use the calculator? – You have to provide values for any 3 parameters out of 4 parameters (mass, velocity, radius, and […]

Motion in 2 and 3 Dimensions – formula & numerical

We will discuss and list down the formulae of position, velocity, and acceleration related to the Motion in two and three Dimensions using unit vectors i, j, and k format. We will list down the 2-Dimensional equivalent of motion equations or suvat equations. Also, we will solve numerical problems using the formulas of the position […]

How uniform acceleration is different from nonuniform acceleration?

Let’s see how uniform acceleration is different from non-uniform acceleration. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity. We call an acceleration uniform when the change of velocity per unit time is constant i.e. velocity changes by an equal amount in an equal interval of time. In uniform accelerated motion velocity-time graph is […]

Physics Numerical Problems and Question Sets

Physics Numerical Problems & Q sets This PhysicsTeacher portal publishes sets of physics numerical problems. We are in the process of publishing many such physics problem sets here on this platform itself. On top of this, we are going to write how to solve those problems as well with hints, solutions, and answers. These sets […]

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