High School Physics

Work, Energy, Power

Numerical problems based on the efficiency of machines

In this post, we will first find out what the efficiency of a machine means, and then we will solve numerical problems using the concept and formula of the efficiency of machines. If a machine, such as an electric motor, is used to raise a load, electrical energy must be provided to the motor. This […]

Potential Energy Diagrams of different types

In this post, we will draw different types of Potential Energy Diagrams. Each of these diagrams is based on a specific equation of potential energy. For elementary courses and the College Board exams, the most important types of potential energy are gravitational potential energy and spring potential energy, also known as “harmonic oscillator potential energy.” […]

[pdf] Work-Energy-Power Grade 12 PDF Notes download (12th Grade physics) | class 11 physics pdf notes on work, energy, and power

This Work-Energy-Power Notes [PDF download] is primarily for the grade 12 or 12th-grade syllabus of different international boards. This also covers the class 11 physics syllabus on work, energy, and power for boards like ICSE, CBSE, etc. This physics class note covers the theoretical as well as the numerical part of this important chapter. We […]

What is Power Class 9

In this post, we will define Power (in physics), and list down different formulas of power. We will also solve a sample numerical using the power formula and concept.

Freefall in physics

In this post, we will find out (a) how to find the weight of a freely falling body (b) How the velocity of a freely falling body changes every second if we ignore air drag force (air resistance)? (c) Why do we feel weightless during freefall (d) Kinetic energy of a body under free fall (e) Applicability of Law of conservation of energy for free fall (e) how distance traveled per second varies

Work done by a force

Work done by a force – In Physics Work is done by a force only if the object on which the force is applied makes a displacement. Without this displacement, work done is zero irrespective of the force applied. Work done by a force depends on the 3 parameters: (a) the force applied (b) The […]

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