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Force Calculator

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 09:47 am

Here, on this page, you can use a web-based Force calculator.

Force Calculator

Let’s see how to use this calculator.

– You have to provide values for any 2 parameters out of 3 parameters (mass, acceleration, and force) and You can get the value of the 3rd one.
Here are the steps.
Keep the unknown box empty, and provide inputs in the other 2 input boxes.
[ Provide m, and a as inputs to get F
or provide m, and F as inputs to get the value of a
or provide a and F as inputs to get m.]
– Then press the button Calculate.
You will get the result populated in the box which was empty.
Use Reset button to reset the text boxes.

Formulas used:
F = ma …… (1)
a = F/m …… (2)
m = F/a …………(3)
Here, f = force, m = mass, and a = acceleration

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