High School Physics

Numerical problems based on Faraday’s Law

In this post, let’s solve numerical problems based on Faraday’s Law.

1 )

A coil of wire with 50 turns has a uniform magnetic field of 0.4 T passing through the coil perpendicular to its plane. The coil encloses an area of 0.03 m2. If the flux through the coil is reduced to zero by removing it from the field in a time of 0.25 seconds, what is the induced voltage in the coil?


N = 50 turns
B = 0.4 T
A = 0.03 m2

The initial flux through the coil is ф = NBA =50 x 0.4 x 0.03 Tm2 =0.6 Tm2
The induced voltage is equal to the rate of change of flux: Ɛ = Δф/t = (0.6-0)/0.25 = 2.4 V

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