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Gravitation class 11

This post provides study material on Gravitation class 11 [Physics Chapter 8 CBSE] in a nutshell. These gravitation class 11 Notes & formulas summarize the key concepts, equations, and applications. It also lists down a set of selected questions (prepared for ISC, CBSE class 11 physics, grade 12 physics, and UPSC preparation, IAS exams).

Gravitational Field Strength on the earth’s surface

Gravitational Field Strength on the earth’s surface is defined as the force per unit mass experienced by a small test mass placed on the earth’s surface (in the gravitational field of the earth). So the Gravitational Field Strength at this point is expressed by the formula, g = G M/r^2where M = mass of the […]

Gravitational field strength – formula, definition, & derivation

A gravitational field is a region where you find gravity. More precisely, the gravitational field is defined as a region of space where a mass experiences a force because of its mass. In this post, we will find out more about the Gravitational field strength with its definition, derivation, and formula. What is the gravitational […]

Freefall in physics

In this post, we will find out (a) how to find the weight of a freely falling body (b) How the velocity of a freely falling body changes every second if we ignore air drag force (air resistance)? (c) Why do we feel weightless during freefall (d) Kinetic energy of a body under free fall (e) Applicability of Law of conservation of energy for free fall (e) how distance traveled per second varies

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