Ways to Reduce Friction & Ways to Increase Friction

We need to reduce or increase friction in different situations, depending on our requirements and benefits. Here, in this post, we will list down some efficient ways to reduce friction. Not only that, but we will also come up with some intelligent ways to increase friction as well to make our life better. Ways to […]

Bearings to reduce friction and increase the efficiency of devices

There are different ways to reduce friction. One way to reduce friction and increase the efficiency of devices such as generators, motors, and fans is to use bearings. Bearings are devices that allow surfaces to slide or roll across each other while reducing the force of friction. Many different types of bearings can be used […]

Friction definition | contact force as the cause of friction

Friction / Friction definition: If we either slide or attempt to slide a body over a surface, the motion is resisted by a bonding (cold-weld) between the body and the surface. The resistance is considered to be a force called either the frictional force or simply friction. This force is directed along the surface, opposite […]

Pushing a car, Newton’s 3rd Law and Friction

Hope you have seen people pushing their car when it’s not starting due to some issue. When someone is pushing a car or something like that, he first pushes the ground or floor obliquely backwards with his feet. Following the ‘3rd law of Newton‘ the ground also exerts an equal and opposite force obliquely on […]

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