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What is Unbalanced Force class 9

In this post, we will find out what unbalanced forces are. This will be as per the class 9 syllabus.
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What is an unbalanced force?

If the resultant of all the forces acting on a body is not zero, the forces are called unbalanced forces.

When unbalanced forces act on a body, they produce a change in its state of rest or uniform motion. That is, unbalanced forces can move a stationary body or they can stop a moving body.

In other words, unbalanced forces acting on a body can change its speed or direction of motion.

Effects of Unbalanced Force | Characteristics of Unbalanced Force

Unbalanced forces can do the following:

  • Move a stationary object.
  • Increase the speed of a moving object.
  • Decrease the speed of a moving object.
  • Stop a moving object.
  • Change the shape and size of an object.
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