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Microprocessor MCQ on 8085 & 8086 – Part 4 (Multiple Choice Questions)

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This is part 4 of the Microprocessor MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) on 8085 & 8086.
This page contains question number 25 to question number 32 [out of 40 questions of this set].

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Microprocessor MCQ on 8085 & 8086 – part 4

25] PSW(program status word) is a ———–register

a] 8 bits
b] 16 bits
c] 20 bits
d] 32 bits

26] The call location for TRAP interrupt is

a] 0000 h
b] 0020 h
c] 0024h
d] 0034h

27] In DMA operation,data transfer takes place between

a] Memory and CPU
b] CPU and I/O
c] I/O and Memory
d] different CPUs

 28]  When a subroutine is called ,the address of the instruction next to “CALL” is saved in 

a] stack pointer register
b] program counter
c] stack
d] PSW

29] The vector address corresponding to software interrupt RST7 in 8085 is 

a] 0017h
b] 0027h
c] 0038h
d] 0700h

 30] The CWR address of 8255 PPI connected to 8085 is FBh, what will be the address for Port-A?

a] F8h
b] FAh
c] FCh
d] F9h

 31] OUT 02 H is executed by 

a] one machine cycle
b] two machine cycles
c] three machine cycles
d] four machine cycles

32] If a DMA request is sent o the microprocessor with a high signal to the HOLD pin, the microprocessor acknowledges the request

a] after completing the present cycle
b] immediately after receiving the signal
c] after completing the program
d] none of these

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