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Microprocessor MCQ 8085 & 8086 – Part 3

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This is part 3 of the Microprocessor MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) on 8085 & 8086.
This page contains question number 17 to question number 24 [out of 40 questions of this set].

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Microprocessor MCQ on 8085 & 8086 – part 3

17] In 8085 the addressable memory is

a] 64kB
b] 1MB
c] 4kB
d] 16kB

18] SP (stack pointer) register holds the

a] Base address of stack
b] Address of stack top
c] Address of the instruction to be fetched
d] None of these

19] MOV A, M is executed by 

a] 1 machine cycle
b] 3 machine cycle
c] 4 machine cycle
d] 2 machine cycle

 20]  When PUSH instruction is executed, the stack pointer register is 

a] decremented by two
b] incremented by two
c] decremented by one
d] incremented by one

21] The program counter(PC) in a microprocessor

a] keeps the address of the next instruction to be fetched
b] counts the number of instructions being executed on the microprocessor
c] counts the number of program being executed on the microprocessor
d] counts the number of interrupts handled by the microprocessor

 22] The BSR mode in 8255 is used with one of the following

a] port A
b] port B
c] port C
d] none of these

 23] what are the conditions that BIU can suspend fetching instruction?

a] current instruction requires access to memory or I/O port
b] a transfer control (jump or call) instruction occurs
c] transfer queue is full
d] none of these

See also  Timing diagram of INX H in 8085 & Timing diagram of INX B

24] Machine cycles in “CALL” instruction are

a] 6
b] 5
c] 4
d] 3

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