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9 Worksheets on Electromagnetism [MCQ] | Multiple Choice Questions from the Electromagnetism chapter – physics

Electromagnetism – MCQ Worksheet (with answer) – set 4

  1. What happens if a magnetic field and an electric conductor move relative to one another?
    a. The magnetic field becomes stronger.
    b. The conductor becomes an electromagnet.
    c. The conductor becomes an electric insulator.
    d. Electric current flows through the conductor.
  2. Assume that a bar magnet is placed inside a coil of wire that is part of a closed circuit. Which situation
    produces an alternating current in the wire?
    a. The magnet is moved back and forth inside the coil.
    b. The coil is moved back and forth over the magnet.
    c. The magnet is connected to the closed circuit.
    d. two of the above
  3. You can create more current by moving the coil or magnet in question 2
    a. slower.
    b. faster.
    c. farther.
    d. none of the above
  4. Devices that use electromagnetic induction include
    a. electric motors.
    b. electric generators.
    c. electric transformers.
    d. two of the above.
  5. An electric generator uses kinetic energy to
    a. rotate a coil of wire.
    b. create a magnetic field.
    c. reverse the poles of an electromagnet.
    d. change the voltage of electric current.
  6. When alternating current flows through coil P of an electric transformer, it
    a. changes to direct current.
    b. magnetizes an iron core.
    c. repels a magnetic field.
    d. charges a battery.
  7. Increasing the voltage of current leaving a power plant causes the
    a. amount of current to increase.
    b. amount of current to decrease.
    c. direction of current to change.
    d. two of the above

Answers to MCQ Worksheet

Multiple Choice

  1. d
  2. d
  3. b
  4. d
  5. a
  6. b
  7. b
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Electromagnetism – Matching worksheet (Match the definition with a term) – set 5

Matching Assignment:
Match each definition with the correct term.


1. process of generating electric current with a changing magnetic field
2. device that uses electromagnetic induction to increase the voltage of electric current
3. device in a power plant that provides kinetic energy to the electric generator
4. idea that a changing magnetic field produces an electric current
5. device that changes kinetic energy to electrical energy through electromagnetic induction
6. device that uses electromagnetic induction to decrease the voltage of electric current
7. device that measures the amount of current flowing through a wire


a. electric generator
b. ammeter
c. step-up transformer
d. turbine
e. electromagnetic induction
f. step-down transformer
g. Faraday’s law

Answer – Matching Assignment


  1. e
  2. c
  3. d
  4. g
  5. a
  6. f
  7. b

Electromagnetism – Fill in the Blanks worksheet – set 6

Fill in the Blank: Fill in the blank with the appropriate term.

  1. If a magnet moves inside a coil of wire that is part of a circuit, it produces __.
  2. An electric generator is a(n) __ in reverse.
  3. The electric generator in a car produces __ electric current.
  4. A(n) __ consists of two wire coils wrapped around an iron core.
  5. In a step-down transformer, coil P has __ turns of wire than coil S.
  6. A power plant may use a(n) __ to change the voltage of current before it travels to homes.
  7. A(n) __ is used to change the voltage of current from a power plant before it enters a home.

Answer – Fill in the Blank (answers)

Fill in the Blank

  1. electric current
  2. electric motor
  3. alternating
  4. electric transformer
  5. more
  6. step-up transformer
  7. step-down transformer
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