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List of Tutorials on Light (class 9 and 10 Physics-chapters on Light )

Last updated on April 14th, 2021 at 05:15 pm

List of Tutorials on Light chapter (class 9 and 10 Physics) with content headers. Click the links and read the posts/topics to learn more.

List of Tutorials on Light (class 9 and 10 Physics)

Refraction of Light | Definition | Facts – definition of refraction, understand the concept of bending due to change of speed of light, optical density, facts

Optical density and how it affects refraction of light – the concept of optical density, how optical density is different from the mass density, and how it causes refraction, discussion with examples

Snell’s Law | Equation | Discussion – Snell’s law – the second law of refraction, mathematical expression/equation of Snell’s law, refractive Index

Glass Prism as a refracting medium – Specialities and features of a glass prism as a refracting medium, angle of the prism, other terms

Comparing refraction through a rectangular glass block and that through glass prism – compare how the refracted rays in these cases behave

Lateral displacement of light and refraction – Concepts of lateral displacement, refraction through parallel sided glass slab, air to glass and glass to air refraction, emergent ray

Total Internal Reflection and Critical Angle – refraction from denser to a rarer medium, the definition of critical angle, how total internal reflection happens

Difference between reflection & Total Internal reflection (of light)

Critical Angle of glass-air interfacefind the value and its meaning

Critical Angle of diamond-air interfacefind the value and its meaning

Numerical problems on Refractive index – numerical problems based on RI with solution

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Refractive Index values | Table – RI Table with absolute refractive index values

Refractive Index – definition | Formula | RI – Discussion of refraction, how it happens, bending of light, angle of incidence and angle of refraction, normal incidence and passage of light without deviation

Dispersion of white light through prism – what is that and how that happens?

Position of Violet in the spectrum is at the bottom- why – how that happens?

This post is aimed to aggregate the posts related to the chapters on Light (Physics class 9 and class 10) of different boards including ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, State boards). Will add new topics on Light Physics in the coming days. Visit us for newer posts. Happy reading.

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