High School Physics

surface tension

Difference between Cohesion and Adhesion & their importance

Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for other molecules of the same kind, but Adhesion is the attraction of molecules of one kind for molecules of a different kind. In this post, we will learn in detail what exactly Cohesion and Adhesion are, and this will help to understand the difference between them. To discuss these […]

The Angle of Contact (Surface Tension) – concepts

In this post, we will discuss the concepts of the Angle of Contact which is related to surface tension. Let’s define and understand it first. Define the Angle of Contact How much curved a meniscus will be, is expressed in terms of angle of contact. The angle of contact, θ; between a liquid and a […]

Surface Tension with molecular theory – class 11 physics

The surface of a liquid at rest behaves like a stretched membrane. It tries to contract and have a minimum surface area. This property of the liquid surface is known as surface tension. Illustrations of Surface Tension | examples of surface tension Small liquid drops are always spherical in shape. It can be shown that […]

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