High School Physics

magnetic field

Comparison between electric field and magnetic field

A table of the comparisons between the electric field and the magnetic field is shown below. Electric Field Magnetic Field An electric field is caused by charges. But, a magnetic field is caused by magnets (or electric currents). The electric field affects charges. But, the magnetic field affects magnets (or electric currents). There are 2 […]

Electromagnetic Induction – Revision Notes

In this post, we explore electromagnetic induction – the creation of an electric current from a changing magnetic field. Whether the primary source of energy is burning coal, falling water, nuclear fission, or the Sun, virtually all of the electricity generated in the world’s power stations is the result of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction is […]

Magnetic Field & Magnetic Field Lines

This post defines the magnetic field and magnetic field lines. This also enlists the properties of magnetic field lines. What is Magnetic field? | Define magnetic field The space or area around a magnet in which its magnetic force can be felt is called a magnetic field. The magnetic field is a vector quantity i.e. it […]

Magnetic field lines of permanent magnets & current-carrying wires | How to calculate the magnetic field at an arbitrary distance from the wire?

Let’s learn the idea of magnetic field lines of permanent magnets & current-carrying wires, how these lines behave in the situation of permanent magnets and current-carrying wires, and also how to calculate the magnetic field at an arbitrary distance from the current-carrying wire. You can quickly revise the Magnetic field and magnetic field line properties […]

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