Sound Class 8 Numerical

In this post, we will solve Numerical problems based on the Sound chapter of class 8 science. Here, first we will go through required formulas & other related equations, and then attempt the numerical questions. Solution & answer is given for all the numerical questions.

Wave Equation Numericals

In this post, we will solve a set of Wave Equation Numericals using the wave equation itself. Wave Equation Numericals – solved Here, we will go through the equation that is used to solve the numerical problems given in this post. Then we will solve the wave equation numericals one by one. Wave Equation Numericals […]

Wave Equation – with derivation

In this post, we will discuss the Wave Equation and derive this equation in easy steps. Although the speed of a wave can vary, there is a relationship between the speed of a wave and other significant wave characteristics. Speed is given by:v =distance traveled/time taken= d/Δt This can be rewritten in terms of the […]

How to Measure the speed of sound in a laboratory?

Here we will see How to Measure the speed of sound in a laboratory. It is possible to measure wave speed using the equation: speed = distance travelled/time taken The problem with measuring the speed of sound in air is that sound travels quickly. So we must find a way to measure short times accurately […]

Progressive Waves – Longitudinal & Transverse waves

A progressive wave motion transmits energy from the source through a material or a vacuum without transferring matter. Wave motion can occur in many forms, such as water waves, sound waves, radio waves, light waves, and mechanical waves. Waves: Basic Properties Waves are produced by the oscillation of particles or electric and magnetic fields. They […]

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