Numerical problems on Vertical motion

In this post we will solve harder numerical problems on Vertical motion physics. vertical motion is an interesting chapter in mechanics . Here you get selected problems to solve which will help you to test your understanding.

Solution to problems – class 9 – Set 1 Q 48

Problem Statement 48) A ball is thrown vertically upwards from the top of a tower with an initial velocity of 19·6 m/s. The ball reaches the ground after 5 s. Calculate: (i) the height of the tower, (ii) the velocity of ball on reaching the ground. Take g = 9·8 m/s^2 Follow my blog with […]

Solution to problems – class 9 – Set 1 Q 30

Problem Statement A baseball is popped straight up into the air and has a hang-time of 6 s. Determine the height to which the ball rises before it reaches its peak. (Hint: the time to rise to the max height is one-half the total hang-time.) Solution Hang time = Total time required for upward plus […]

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