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Electrostatics Numericals Class 12 – solved questions, worksheet 1

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In this post, we publish a worksheet containing a bunch of numerical problems from the Electrostatics chapter of HS physics. This set of Electrostatics Numericals for class 12 includes problems based on Coulomb’s force or electrostatic force, electric field, electric potential, electric potential energy, etc. Links to the solutions to the numerical problems will be found beside every problem. This worksheet is apt for grade 11 & grade 12 (class 11 and class 12) students.

Electrostatics Numericals Class 12 – solved questions

Check the solution link after each numerical problem.

1 ) Determine the electrostatic force and gravitational force between two electrons 1ºA apart (i.e. the forces felt inside an atom)

Check the solution of Q1

2) In the picture below, X is a small negatively charged sphere with a mass of 10kg. It is suspended from the roof by an insulating rope which makes an angle of 60o with the roof. Y is a small positively charged sphere that has the same magnitude of charge as X. Y is fixed to the wall by means of an insulating bracket.

Assuming the system is in equilibrium, what is the magnitude of the charge on X?

figure: Q2 supporting diagram

Check the solution of Q2

3 ) A charge of +5nC is moved by a distance of 4 cm against a uniform electric field of magnitude 2 x 1012 NC-1 from A to B.

(a) Calculate the work done in moving the charge from A to B.
(b) The charge is now released and returns to A. Calculate the kinetic energy of the charge at A.

Check the solution of Q3

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4) A positively charged object Q is placed as shown in the sketch. The potential difference between two points A and B is 4 x 10-4 V.

(a) Calculate the change in electrical potential energy of a +2nC charge when it moves from A to B.
(b) Which point, A or B, is at the higher electrical potential? Explain.
(c) If this charge were replaced with another object of charge -2nC, in what way would its change in energy be affected?

Check the solution of Q4

More numerical problems will be added.

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