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Dimensional formula of Stress – how to find it?

Last updated on December 28th, 2021 at 02:11 pm

Here, we will find out the dimensional formula of Stress.

This Dimensional formula will be applicable for all the following types of stresses, – (1) Longitudinal stress (Tensile and Compressive stress) (2) Tangential or Shearing Stress, (3) Hydraulic Stress

The formula of Stress = force/area

The dimensional formula of force = [MLT–2] [see here how to find the dimensional formula of force ]

The dimension of area = [L2]

Hence, the Dimensional formula of Stress
= The dimensional formula of force / The dimensional formula of area
= [MLT–2]/[L2]
= [ML-1T–2]

Dimensional formula of Stress = [ML-1T–2]

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