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Dimensional formula of Strain

Last updated on May 30th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

Here, we will find out the dimensional formula of Strain.

This Dimensional formula will be applicable for all the following types of strain, – (1) Longitudinal Strain (2) Shearing Strain, (3) Volume Strain. Find details about strain & stress in this post: stress, strain, elasticity

The generic formula of Strain = Change in dimension/original dimension

Longitudinal Strain = change in length / initial length

Volume strain = change in volume / initial volume

Hence, the Dimensional formula of Longitudinal Strain
= The dimension of length / The dimension of length
= [L]/[L] = [L0]
= [M0L0T0]

And, the Dimensional formula of Volume strain
= The dimension of volume / The dimension of volume
= [L3]/[L3] = [L0]
= [M0L0T0]

Hence we can conclude that:

Dimensional formula of Strain = [M0L0T0]

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