Rotational motion numerical solved

Numerical problem on Rotational Kinetic Energy

In this post, we will review the formula of Rotational Kinetic Energy and then solve numerical problems based on Rotational Kinetic Energy. Rotational Kinetic Energy formula from the linear kinetic energy formula The equation for linear kinetic energy = KEL = (1/2) m v2 Let’s Convert that equation to its angular analog: KE = (1/2) […]

Rotational Kinematics Numerical Problems and solutions

This post is all about Rotational Kinematics Numerical Problems and solutions. We will use the following four rotational kinematic equations (presented together with their translational counterparts) to solve the numerical problems. Rotational kinematic equations | equations used to solve rotational motion numerical In these equations, the subscript 0 denotes initial values (ω0 and vo are initial values). […]

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