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Static Discharge and Lightning

In this post we will find what static discharge is and how lightning occurs. Also we will answer a few FAQs on static electricity. What is static discharge – can you explain with an example? The sudden flow of electrons is static discharge. This can be explained with the incident that happens when you have […]

Electric Charge – Worksheets MCQ | Multiple Choice Questions from the Electric Charge chapter – physics

Electric Charge (physics) – MCQ worksheets with answer + other exercises Electric Charge – MCQ Worksheet (with answer) – set 1 Moving electric charges createa. lightning bolts.b. electric current.c. friction.d. two of the above Electric field lines around a negatively charged particlea. point away from the particle.b. circle around the particle.c. point toward the particle.d. […]

Static Electricity & Charge – Important Questions and Answers

This post is going to cover Static electricity, electrostatic charge, and related topics with important questions and answers. This Q&A set will be helpful for students of different boards including IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, ISC, CBSE, etc. Explain Static Electricity with common examples When a piece of hard rubber, a glass rod, or a plastic ruler […]

Electric Charge, Law of Conservation of Electric Charge and Triboelectric Charging – facts you must know

In this post, we will discuss the concepts of triboelectric charging. Before taking that, we will quickly cover the electric charge, types of charges (positive charge and negative charge), and the interaction between like charges and opposite charges. We will also cover how Law of conservation of electric charge is maintained during triboelectric charging. An atom […]

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