High School Physics

Hooke’s Law stress-strain formula

In this post, you will find the stress-strain formula of Hooke’s law. This specific representation of Hooke’s law shows how stress is related to strain. Read more on the mechanical properties of solids (class 11).

Hooke’s Law related to stress & strain states that: If deformation is small, stress is directly proportional to strain.

This stress-strain proportional relationship can be written mathematically as :
Stress ∝ strain [ stress varies proportionately with strain]

=> Stress = K. Strain     [ This is Hooke’s Law stress-strain formula ]  …………………….  (1)
  Here K is a constant.

From equation (a) we get, Stress/Strain = K ……………………. (2)

This K is a proportionality constant called the Modulus of Elasticity.

  • Hooke’s Law stress-strain formula gives us the stress-strain relationship.
  • It also gives us the concept of the Modulus of Elasticity.

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