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work, energy, machine – definitions

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Let’s find out some important one-liner definitions from the work-energy-machine chapter in physics.

work, energy, simple machine – definitions

What is a complex machine?

a machine that combines two or more simple machines

Define efficiency

Efficiency is output work divided by input work

What is energy?

the ability to do work

What is gravitational potential energy?

the energy acquired by doing work against gravity

What is the ideal mechanical advantage?

the mechanical advantage of an idealized machine that loses no energy to friction

What is an inclined plane?

a simple machine consisting of a slope

What is input work?

effort force multiplied by the distance over which it is applied

What is joule?

the metric unit for work and energy; equal to 1-newton meter (N∙m)

What is kinetic energy?

energy of motion

What is the law of conservation of energy?

It states that energy is neither created nor destroyed

What is a lever?

a simple machine consisting of a rigid arm that pivots on a fulcrum

What is the mechanical advantage?

the number of times the input force is multiplied

What is mechanical energy?

kinetic or potential energy

What is output work?

output force multiplied by the distance over which it acts

What is potential energy?

stored energy

What is power?

the rate at which work is done

What is a pulley?

a simple machine consisting of a rope that passes over one or more grooved wheels

What is a screw?

a simple machine consisting of a spiral inclined plane

What is Watt?

the metric unit of power; equivalent to joules per second

What is a wedge?

a simple machine consisting of two back-to-back inclined planes

What is wheel and axle?

a simple machine consisting of a rod fixed to the center of a wheel

What is work?

force multiplied by the distance

What is the work–energy theorem?

It states that the net work done on a system equals the change in kinetic energy

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