High School Physics

electromagnetic spectrum

Nature of electromagnetic radiation & The Electromagnetic Spectrum

In this post, we will discuss the nature of electromagnetic radiation (transverse wave type, electric field, magnetic field, frequency, wavelength, propagation, intensity, etc.). And, we will also cover the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Light waves and all electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. A wave on a rope is a transverse wave that causes the rope to move […]

Electromagnetic Waves – Worksheets MCQ | Multiple Choice Questions from the Electromagnetic Waves chapter – physics

This post presents three (3) MCQ worksheets from the Electromagnetic Waves & electromagnetic spectrum (from the Electromagnetic Radiation chapter in physics) chapter. You will also get answers to the MCQ sets. We will shortly add a few other exercises like matching and fill in the blanks. Electromagnetic Waves – MCQ Worksheet (with answer) – set […]

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