High School Physics

electromagnetic radiation

Nature of electromagnetic radiation & The Electromagnetic Spectrum

In this post, we will discuss the nature of electromagnetic radiation (transverse wave type, electric field, magnetic field, frequency, wavelength, propagation, intensity, etc.). And, we will also cover the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Light waves and all electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. A wave on a rope is a transverse wave that causes the rope to move […]

[pdf notes] Electromagnetic Radiation Grade 12 Notes download | class 12 physics notes on Electromagnetic Radiation

This Electromagnetic Radiation Notes [PDF download] is primarily for the 12th grade physics syllabus of different international boards. This also covers the higher secondary physics syllabus on Electromagnetic Radiation for boards like ICSE, CBSE, etc. This physics class note covers the theoretical as well as the numerical part of this important chapter. We hope, the […]

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