High School Physics

8085 microprocessor

Branching instructions in 8085 Microprocessor & their types

Branching instructions are important for programming a microprocessor. These instructions can transfer control of execution from one memory location to another. In this post, we will discuss ‘Branching instructions in 8085 Microprocessor‘ and how these instructions operate. We will learn 2 types of Branching operations [based on the return of execution control]. Also, we will […]

Architecture of 8085 microprocessor

The 8085 is an 8-bit processor since its data length and data bus width are 8-bits. It has an addressing capability of 16 bits, that is, it can address 216=64 KB of memory. The 8085 processor is generally available as a 40-pin IC package and uses+5V for power. It can run at a maximum frequency […]

Pin functions of 8085 microprocessor

In this post, we will study the Pin functions of the 8085 microprocessor. In this study, different signals in 8085 & their significance will be discussed as well. Timing and control circuitry of 8085 microprocessor The timing and control unit section is a part of the CPU and generates timing and control signals for the […]

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