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Microprocessor Class Notes with PDF download

This page is a repository of Class Notes for Microprocessor (8085, 8086) and Microcontroller (8051).

You can take this page as the hub of all posts related to microprocessor notes.
These notes are prepared by Prof. S Saha. These notes are made as per the syllabus of MAKAUT for 2nd-year 4th Semester Engineering Students.

Microprocessor and microcontroller Class Notes

Here is the list of class notes currently available here with page links.

In the respective pages, you will get the online content as well as the download links.

Links for the class notes – click to navigate

8085 – Interrupts

8085 – Different methods of Data Transfer

8086 – Microprocessor Architecture

8086 – Hardware Overview with Pin Diagram

8086 – Instruction Set and Assembly Language Programming

New 8255 Peripheral Interface IC

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